Stelrad Radiator Group acquires Hudevad Radiator Design

Stelrad supplies six million radiators every year
Stelrad supplies six million radiators every year

With the strategic intention of increasing its presence in the European designer radiator market, Stelrad Radiator Group has acquired the intellectual property, manufacturing assets and Hudevad brand from the administrator of Ribe Jernindustri A/S.

Hudevad Radiator Design is the name of this new Stelrad Radiator Group subsidiary. It currently employs 43 people in Ribe, Denmark and the UK.

Stelrad Radiator Group, headquartered in Newcastle upon Tyne, is a leading player in the European radiator market, supplying six million radiators annually and employing over 1,200 people.

Although Hudevad Radiator Design is a new Stelrad Radiator Group company, two key ingredients have not changed: the people and the location.

Led by Jesper Friis, formerly head of sales and marketing at Ribe Jernindustri A/S, the Hudevad team is an experienced group representing the majority of those who previously worked for Ribe Jernindustri, ensuring the best possible continuity for its customers.

With the exception of steel panel radiators, manufacturing in the Ribe facility will continue. Stelrad Radiator Group will introduce its own Stelrad branded steel panel radiators into the Danish market, giving distributors, installers and contractors access to one of the most extensive product ranges in Europe.

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