Second Green Deal Home Improvement Fund release confirmed

Department of Energy and Climate Change release reveals details.

Find out how much money your washroom could be saving

Cistermiser launches online calculator.

Pipe Center and Climate Center expand estimating team… meet accelerate project quotations.

Worcester backs HWA Charter

Manufacturer gives support to consumer quality assurance scheme.

Hertfordshire builder in court after illegal gas work

Boiler and pipework deemed "At Risk".

Sunny forecast for solar industry

Homegrown UK solar to be cheaper than gas.

British industry wastes over £3 billion a year on outdated energy...

Report finds huge wastage across sectors.

Oil prices continue to fall

Oil continues to trump competitor fuels on price for off grid homes.

A quarter of households are worried about boiler breakdown this winter

Survey finds homeowners are concerned about costs.

CORGI HomePlan gear up for winter

Gas Safe Registered engineers get help to cope with the big freeze.