Majority happy to use eco foiled sealants

HB42 has encouraged the trade to adopt eco foils as it reports 78% would use them over single use plastics.

The HB42 Ultimate All-in-One 400ml foils replace the need for single use plastic tubes tradespeople usually buy sealant and adhesive in.

Since the launch of an eco foil version of its best-selling Ultimate All-in-One Sealant in 2019, HB42 said it has seen eco foils rise in popularity as more tradespeople make the move away from single use plastics.

Scarlet McAleese-Banks, director of HB42, said: “Moving to eco foils and away from single use plastics is one of the simplest ways for any tradesperson to become more sustainable, save costs and eliminate waste. We have seen a 20% increase in sales of eco foils through merchants in 2020 and it’s a trend we want to build on.

“Eco foils are so easy to use –simply snip off the end and load the foil into the reusable gun. They are not messy and once the sealant is used, the tiny foil produces 96% less waste than its plastic tube equivalent. In fact, for every 20 skips of plastic cartridges only one skip of used HB42 Eco Foils goes to landfill.”

Over two million single use plastic cartridges are put into landfill every week in the UK and recent figures on plastic waste in the construction industry are shocking, HB42 noted. A quarter of all the plastic consumed in the UK comes from the construction sector, with 20,000 tonnes of plastic being sent to landfill every year.

The HB42 Eco Foils produce 96% less waste than the single use tubes and provide 38% more sealant than in the 290ml plastic tube.

“We want to see the day when every sealant and adhesive we sell is available as an Eco Foil,” added Scarlet. “To make that happen we need to continue to change minds and encourage the adoption of this simple way to become more sustainable.”