Kensa CTO responds to the government’s hydrogen town update

hydrogen town
(l-r) James Standley, Kensa Group's chief technology officer and Tamsin Lishman, Kensa Group's CEO

James Standley, Kensa Group’s chief technology officer, has commented on the government’s announcement there would be no progress on a hydrogen town pilot until after 2026.

James said: “Halting the development of a hydrogen village is further recognition that the technology has no major role to play in future home heating. Every academic study on the issue, the economics and the physics demonstrates this, and the government should now take the next logical step and rule out hydrogen heating for anything other than a small number of very specific cases.

“It’s clear that the best and quickest way to achieve clean heat while ensuring the best outcomes for consumers will be through electrification, whether that’s using heat pumps or heat networks. The longer hydrogen remains part of the conversation, the further the transition will be delayed, hampering the speed at which these already proven technologies are rolled out.”

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