BLANCO UK vows to meet lockdown demand

Sinks and kitchen taps provider BLANCO has announced setting high levels of customer service for the latest lockdown period.

In a statement, Simon Hart, managing director of BLANCO UK, pictured, said: “After a quiet Yuletide, we find ourselves dealing with yet another national lockdown as the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact us all personally and commercially. Looking at the kitchen retail and contract industry in particular, BLANCO UK is reassuring customers, suppliers and other stakeholders alike that the flexible, professional ‘team’ continues to deliver the normal level of service throughout the coming weeks of lockdown.

“The warehouse team, delivery drivers, sales team and a full complement of staff supporting customers will remain fully operational. However, to protect the safety of the team, customers and the general public, business functions are working from home with successfully tried and tested methods to ensure as little disruption as possible. The warehouse team is already operating in a socially-distanced way, with strict safety measures and procedures in place throughout the building. Drivers will also continue their non-contact delivery procedures to ensure their own and customers’ safety.

“BLANCO’s primary objectives include the ongoing safety of our colleagues and customers, together with undiminished service levels and to help customers and installers keep pushing forward. We are here and will do our best to help you limit the damage to your business caused by the lockdown.”