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Sustainability and the environment

BWT champion the use of water softeners even in less hard water areas

BWT champion the use of water softeners even in less hard water areas

Sustainability and the environment remain hot topics of conversation and ones which resonate across our industry. There are a number of environmental benefits linked to using Luxury Water which should be emphasised when discussing options with customers interested in sustainability.

Reducing plastic usage
The Government’s proposed initiative on bottle deposits highlights the need to control the use of plastic. Recycling is part of the solution, but an equally important part is to reduce the amount of plastic we use in the first place. Homeowners faced with an array of cleaning products and toiletries may rightly wonder how they can make a difference, when so many of them are packaged in plastic. This is where benefits of Luxury Water come into their own.

Soaps, detergents, shampoo and conditioners all behave differently when used with softened water. Without the minerals that make water hard, these common household products lather and wash away more easily meaning up to 50% less product is used every time. That it turn results in fewer trips to the supermarket and fewer bottles to recycle.

Softened water doesn’t leave limescale or soap scum around the home so the need for specialist cleaners is drastically reduced and some even eliminated altogether, further reducing your customers’ reliance on products typically packaged in plastic.

Reducing fossil fuel consumption
The result of burning natural resources such as oil and gas is also a sustainability concern. The Government and our industry has talked a lot about the benefits of fitting modern and efficient central heating boilers but these benefits can easily be eroded by the build-up of scale. Luxury water will help keep the hot water or secondary circuit free from scale helping to ensure the efficiency of the boiler is maintained, saving on heating bills and reducing the amount of fossil fuels we need to burn.

Recycling steel, aluminium and other metals relies on large amounts of energy. Softened water can make a difference here too. Domestic and commercial appliances can fail prematurely due to the effects of limescale. High repair costs and relatively cheap product replacements fuel a throw away culture which sees ‘broken’ appliances thrown away or recycled. Removing those minerals that cause limescale with a BWT luxury water softener can stop this type of failure, resulting in fewer replacement products and a reduction in energy required for recycling.