Wi-fi controls for Electrorad electric radiators

New wireless programmer availble for Electrorad’s electric radiators

New wireless programmer availble for Electrorad’s electric radiators

Electrorad’s best-selling Digi-Line electric radiators now offer a wireless programmer. Named Touch E3, the control hub with wifi gateway and app enables wireless control and direct management of home heating over the internet from anywhere in the world.

The Touch E3 has an unobtrusive and easy to use touch screen control unit that may be wall mounted or free standing anywhere in the home. Homeowners can control all of the heating functions using a smartphone, tablet, or PC courtesy of Electrorad’s CleverTouch app that is available for iOS and Android.

The device features constant and auto programming modes, as well as reduced night set backs, time override, frost protection and holiday modes. Touch E3 also incorporates an inbuilt energy monitor that provides energy usage data for complete energy management. Multiple zones may also be created within the home.

The CleverTouch app enables the heating status of each room in the property to be seen at a glance. This includes the current room temperature, the current heating mode, and the thermostat set point. Any room or zone can be simply selected in order to change temperature settings, programs and heating modes.

Available in similar types and sizes as gas central heating radiators, and complete with the same mounting brackets, the Digi-Line range offers a total of 20 models. Each radiator is fluid filled with thermal fluid to evenly transfer heat to the whole of the surface area without the need for any pump or moving parts. Furthermore, the fluid is heated by 100% efficiency electric elements that are controlled by advanced thermostat electronics.

Digi-Line radiators are also a popular choice with plumbers when looking to add heating to a conservatory or home extension without having to run piping from the existing boiler fed central heating system.

Digi-Line is available via a nationwide network of electrical wholesalers. For further information, visit:, or call: 0113 274 6799.