SALUS extends underfloor heating controls…

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Visit: for more information

In a bid to capture one of the fastest growing sectors of the UK heating market, SALUS has extended its range of underfloor heating (UFH) controls.

Incorporating the design and technical vision for which SALUS is renowned, the new line-up boasts three wireless thermostats that are suitable for both wet and electric systems, and deliver optimum performance with ease of operation and installation.
These new RF ZigBee Surface Mount Battery thermostats are designed to provide a primary UFH solution or an extension to an existing heating system, and are suitable for a variety of underfloor system requirements. Thanks to TPI (Time Proportional & Integral) ‘self-learning’ functionality, the new line-up offers more precise heating control with increased comfort and improved energy efficiency.

For the more technologically advanced users, each model offers the option of connecting to a SALUS universal gateway to enable remote control by smartphone, tablet or PC via the SALUS App. They can even be integrated with the SALUS Smart Home suite of products to create a truly smart home.

The appeal for installers lies in their quick and easy fitting that does not require additional wire runs.

Dean Jepson, European managing director, said: “Given the prospects for continued growth of UFH in the UK, and the continuing trend towards open-plan home design which favours its use, we are confident that this range will be hugely successful.

“As befits the SALUS philosophy, these latest models are feature packed, price competitive, and maintain simplicity for the user and installer alike.”

While the HTR-RF (20) comes complete with a straightforward traditional dial faced unit, and offers a simple solution for users who want minimum intervention in the system, the stylish HTRS-RF (30) model targets users who prefer precise control of individual room temperatures. It also features present override temperatures and an optional floor sensor.

Meanwhile, HTRP-RF (50) boasts an easy-to-read LCD display, and is perfect for users who want complete control of their UFH system. Time and heat schedules are fully programmable to optimise control and minimise energy usage, with preconfigured sets also available. In addition to its underfloor use, this model also acts as a cost-effective thermostat for the SALUS Smart Home system in standard radiator based systems.

All models can be used as room thermostat in a system with other programmable SALUS thermostats, and carry an improved ErP rating which means higher efficiency and reduced running costs.