Innovative water quality product comes to UK market

OneFlow anti-scale system

OneFlow anti-scale system

Limescale caused by hard water, which effects over 60% of the country, can impact on water quality in a number of ways compromising the taste of the water and causing irreparable damage to appliances such as boilers, washing machines, dishwashers, showers, taps and kettles.

Imagine also the damage that such water inflicts on hidden water system components, such as pipework and valves, impacting on the efficiencies that these working parts deliver to domestic water systems.

To combat this, leading manufacturer of water technologies, Watts, has launched its OneFlow technology in the UK giving installers, specifiers and end users a variety of choices and benefits to upgrade water quality and preserve the longevity of appliances.

Martin Raistrick, water quality product champion at Watts Water Industries, said: “Limescale causes product failure and costly repair bills for homeowners, while also compromising the taste of our drinking water.

“The Watts commitment to creating innovative products in all sectors of the domestic and commercial water industries ensures we continue to pioneer technologies that deliver tangible results for end users in a variety of situations.”

OneFlow is an environmentally friendly solution to combating this, it converts hard minerals in to harmless, inactive microscopic crystals that can flow through systems without adhering to any of the appliances, valves, pipes or other working components. This is achieved through a technology known as Template Assisted Crystallisation, which has been proven to be the most effective scale prevention technology. This also means that there is no need for expensive filters or salt, just a cartridge change annually.

Martin continued: “Over 60% of the UK fights a constant battle against limescale caused by hard water and our range of OneFlow products can be situated either in designated point of use areas or at the point of entry of the water course to the property.

“Installing OneFlow in domestic situations allows homeowners and landlords of multi-residential properties to safe guard against the damage scale can create.”

The Watts Water Quality UK team is on hand to offer consultation and advice regarding the OneFlow technology. Further information can be found by visiting: