Flomate iBoost, the ultimate solution to low mains water pressure from Stuart Turner…

Flomate iBoost is now WRAS approved

Flomate iBoost is now WRAS approved

Leading water boosting pump manufacturer, Stuart Turner, has launched its Flomate iBoost. This has been designed and developed to boost the mains supply to larger properties with multiple bathrooms using high flow combination boilers or an unvented cylinder system, where higher pressure and flow are required.

The fully integrated Flomate iBoost combines an impressive 200 litre cold water break tank. This overcomes restricted mains water flow, with a high performance multi-stage pump to dramatically boost pressure, making it capable of delivering water up to 4.5 bar and flow rates in excess of 100 ltrs/min.

The results are better shower performance, higher flow rates from taps and multiple water using appliances throughout the property at any given time.

The system is simple to install, with an ingenious access aperture designed within this engineered appliance and yet, is compact enough to sit within any standard 600mm kitchen larder cupboard.

Equally, with its ‘white goods’ look, it won’t seem out of place alongside other appliances within a kitchen or utility room.

Flomate iBoost offers tried and tested engineering from Stuart Turner, has the full backing of WRAS approval and UK water authorities, and is available nationwide from your local merchant.

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