A better way to work with power flushing chemicals

LONG LIFE Chemicals are available exclusively from Proflush. Call 01942 722677 to find out more.

LONG LIFE Chemicals are available exclusively from Proflush. Call 01942 722677 to find out more.

We’re all different and we like to work in different ways. Some simply take life as it comes, getting through their work, their way. Others have everything planned to the last minute. We’ve got a mate like this – brilliant at his job and great with the customers, but always watching the clock, because he knows that time is money. We were having a chinwag about the job and he had two bugbears – systems that need preheating and the bulky boxes of chemicals he carts about in his van. “Because the chemicals need warm water,” he said, “I’m sitting around when I could be doing another job.”

Although he’s good at scheduling, our pal confessed that his van was a bit of a mess. “Boxes everywhere, there’s stuff in there that I’ve forgotten I own,” he said. “And stuff I cart around because I’ve got nowhere else for it to go.” He laughed: “The missus isn’t keen on having all the spare kit in the house.”

Joking aside, he’d got a good point, and it got us thinking again about his power flushing chemicals problem. With one for each type of system treatment, he was carrying four cases in the van. No wonder he was struggling.

Our pal hadn’t heard about the alternative to bottled chemicals. We’ll forgive him because they are brand new in the UK although they’re widely used on the continent. LONG LIFE chemical packs are neat, handy and won’t leak in the box. And there’s another huge bonus from using the packs: the chemicals react with cold water so you can simply dilute them and get on with the job. Because there’s no need to pre-heat the system, you can speed through the task.

Instead of carrying four boxes of chemicals, you could simply pop a few assorted packs in the van. The range is complete including sludge remover, inhibitor and system-restorer formulations.

Compared to bottles, these packs are brilliant. They save space, avoid spills and leaks and are lightweight so they’re easy to carry about. What’s more, the chemicals inside are every bit as effective. Mix them with cold water and you’re ready to go.

We’ve told our mate about this new idea. He’s giving the packs a go, and right now, he’s giving them a big thumbs-up.