Hero Lee helps crash couple

Lee’s ASM believes things would’ve been very different had he not got there when he did

Lee’s ASM believes things would’ve been very different had he not got there when he did

Every so often, engineers goes above and beyond to such an extent that it makes everyone at Warm & Dry sit up and take notice.

That special someone this month is Lee Jones. We’ll let Lee explain what happened as he drove home from his last job of the day along a country lane near Barnstaple, in Devon….

“I was in the middle of nowhere on a very remote lane. I remember going down a dip in the road and then almost out of nowhere I saw a car rolling across the road in front me. It was quite surreal and I had to double take. It was almost like something out of a movie.

“I stopped my van and ran over to the car that had stopped and was lying upside down by this point and inside I could see an elderly gentleman and his wife in the front seats. The woman was screaming and the man wanted me to move them but I didn’t want to in case they were injured.

“I called the emergency services and then I spotted that the car’s engine was smoking. I ran back to my van to get my fire extinguisher and used it to douse the engine.

“Because of the remote location, the emergency services took around 45 minutes to arrive so I used anything I could find in the van to keep the couple warm while I waited with them. This was someone’s grandfather and grandmother so I just had to help. It was just a reaction and an automatic response. In that situation you don’t think about your
own safety.”

Lee’s ASM Barrie Turner had this to say about our hero: “I strongly believe that without Lee being there on that day at that time this would have been a very different ending. The location where it happened was very isolated and very little traffic goes through there, so Lee was definitely in the right place at the right time.”